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How to clean mortar and pestle

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It’s true how our lives have become so much better with electronic items. Things such as blenders or different machines have made cooking easier for us or for our mothers no? But have you ever wondered how much fun it is to actually make something ON YOUR OWN. To make a paste of let’s say different spices BY YOURSELF and then getting to mix it in your food and enjoying the taste of it. to say at the end of eating ‘HEY I MADE THAT’. Come on that feeling is AMAZING! When you use mortar and pestle to make your paste the feeling is so different. Each stroke of the pestle that you do onto the ingredient inside the mortar makes the spices and their flavours mix together and the smell of it is simple to die for! When you create something YOURSELF the satisfaction is something else. You cannot compare it to a mixture bought from the market or blended in a machine. How to clean mortar and pestle? Now obviously when you use the mortar and pestle, like any other machines you HAVE TO CLEAN IT. You are supposed to clean it because otherwise the smell the paste won’t go off from the mortar and it would be mixed in the other ingredient that you want to make a paste of. Now to clean mortar and pestle you should have different paper towels. You need to have a dish soup to clean it with. You need some sort of vinegar or lemon juice to help make the smell go away. You need a sponge or something to dry it with. Now how to go about it. It’s very simple. You need to wipe off ANY sort of ingredients parts on the mortar with a clean paper towel. You have to make sure that you clean it 4 to 5 times because sometimes small nooks and crannies stick to the mortar and pestle. Then if there are ANY stains on the mortar or the pestle due to the grinding you need to clean that with the lemon juice or the vinegar. Basically both the vinegar and lemon juice make the smell go away and make the mortar and pestle shinny. You can then put dish soup directly onto the mortar and pestle and then clean it with the washcloth or put it first on the washcloth and then rub it all over the mortar and pestle. Once you do that then you can rinse both the mortar and the pestle under the water for a while so whatever is left of the ingredient can all get off and it smells and looks fresh as ever. Then you can just simply dry it with the clean dish towel and there you have it YOUR MORTAR AND PESTLE IS ALL CLEANED UP! It does take time but believe me once you get rid of the other ingredient and its smell then and then only can you make a paste of a whole new ingredient.

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