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How to use mortar and pestle

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Since a long time mortar and pestle have been used by people for cooking in the kitchen.  Every modern kitchen has it and if it doesn’t IT MUST HAVE IT.  They are easy to use and if you want something to be in a powder form then THIS IS THE WAY TO GO! There are so many things that can be used for crushing or pounding with mortar and pestle such as seeds, leaves, even all sorts of rice and nuts. Even medications are made through this. With Motar and pestle you can crack all sorts of spices into pieces. Yes it’s true that most of us have started using electric grinders for crushing things but honestly the smooth touch that the motar and pestle bring to the table, an electric machine cannot do that for you!  It’s easy to clean up and very efficient in terms of getting the job done. How to use mortar and pestle? Now Motar and pestle as I mentioned earlier is the best tool for making sure that any kind of spice or any kind of food can be turned into paste or powder. Firstly what you need to do is to read the instructions of the entire recipe before making anything into paste or powder. Some recipes require paste and some don’t. Then you need to get all your ingredients in place. You have to measure the ingredients before using the motar. YOU CANNOT FILL THE MOTAR WITH ALL THE INGREDIENTS. The mortar should have space in it. Only around 1/3 of the motar can be filled with the ingredients you want to turn to paste. REMEMBER THIS! Otherwise it can break or it won’t function the way you want it to function. Then comes the pestle. You have to make sure that you hold the mortar very steadily with one hand and the pestle with one hand otherwise it can go all wrong.  You can twist the ingredients to make sure they don’t stick to the bottom. Keep grinding and GRIND EQUALLY. Very very important to grind equally because then not even ingredient will be turned to paste. You need to keep doing it till the ingredients completely turn into paste. You need to measure the ingredients you need for the recipe and whatever is left you can always keep it in a jug and use it later. The best thing is that the more you put in the pestle and motar side by side it will keep making it into paste. Grinding is also a way to get things done in the pestle and motar. Basically what you need to do is to put all the ingredients into the motar and hold it with one hand. Then slowly put the pestle into your fist. After doing that just press the round end of pestle into the ingredients and keep rolling it against the floor of the mortar. Keep doing that till you get the paste. See how easy it is to use the mortar and pestle? Follow the instructions and you will have NO problem!  

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