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Make guacamole with mortar and pestle

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You know how people say traditional things are the best things in the world. IT’S VERY TRUE WHEN IT COMES TO KITCHEN APPLIANCES EVERYONE! The kitchen appliance that has been used since forever is the mortar and pestle and honestly it is the best of the best. No food processor and no other kitchen machinery can beat this. You can proudly showcase it into your kitchen better yet YOU FLAUNT IT! YOU TAKE PICTURES WITH IT. YOU SHOW OFF ABOUT IT because it’s that amazing. Its old but it’s amazing. It has been used for SO many things since the first time it was made back in the Egyptian era. It was used to make paints; it was used to make medicines. It was even used to make different spices! AND IT’S STILL USED FOR ALL THESE THINGS! To top that off ITS NOT EXPENSIVE AT ALL! With the mortar and pestle you can pound ingredients together. You can mix them. You get to smell the ingredients being mixed together. You get to make something ON YOUR OWN. You can mix together pastes, sauses, pestos and SO MUCH MORE! It’s like your personal bowl and spoon. You can crush different things as well such as herbs or mint or garlic even! YOU CAN BLEND IT ANYTHING AND CREATE A PASTE. How to make guacamole with mortar and pestle? Did you know you can actually make an entire dish just by using mortar and pestle? Imagine that? Doesn’t that make your life easy? You don’t need to cut anything you don’t need to use all those food processor. Simple mortar and pestle can be used to make a whole dish for you and your family to enjoy! One of those dishes includes GUACAMOLE! Who would have thought with just a simple ‘bowl’ and a ‘spoon’ you can make an entire guacamole. Okay now what do you need to make a guacamole? You need pepper obviously. Then you need garlic clove. You need red onions. You need cilantro leaves. And you need avocados. You need around ¼ cup of onions with juice. You need ½ spoons of hot sauce, salt, black pepper and ground cumin! Now how can you make it? That’s extremely easy if you have mortar and pestle. Basically the first thing you need to do is to add the garlic, red onion and jalapeno into the mortar and with the pestle mix them together. Slowly crush them together to make a beautiful paste. While you are doing that you can have that amazing smell of garlic and jalapenos mixed together (YUMM). Then you need to add cilantro and keep grinding it with the previous paste onto the mortar with the pestle. The more you do it the better the paste will be and better the taste! Once you are done with this then add the avacados, the onions the lime juice and then mash them together. Add the salt to get the perfect taste you want. Add the black pepper. KEEP GRINDING IT WITH THE PESTLE IN THE MORTAR AND TADAAAAAAAA you have your own GUACAMOLE!!!!

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