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Mortar and pestle pharmacy

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Mortar and pestle have been in this world since a VERY long time. It traces back to the ancient period where it was first made and to this day it is being used for so many purposes. It is one of the most used inventions ever! Mortar and pestle are used to mix different spices, they were used to make paints and they are also used to make all sorts of medicines. No wonder it’s used so much! How is mortar and pestle related to Pharmacy? Mortar and pestle have a very strong connection with pharmacy and this connection has been since a very a long time since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Mortar and pestle have been mentioned in a lot of medicine related books and even in Old Testament. Since a very long time mortar and pestle have been used to make medicines or medical related things. Compounding is a very important aspect when it comes medicines and these medicines were usually made from the basic. Every little element in the compound medicines was made from scratch and they were made using mortar and pestle. How interesting, right? Any pharmacist would usually mix or grind different ingredients that were used to make a specific type of compound in the mortar. Obviously when the medicine manufacturing companies were started to make the use of mortar and pestle declined for a while but it didn’t mean pharmacists stopped using them. To this day they are being used! Nowadays there are so many different types of illnesses that people go through and everyone needs different kinds of medicines. You cannot make all the medicines in the same way. Some need to be small some need to be big depending on the person so with the help of mortar and pestle this becomes true! Sometimes a person might be allergic to a specific type of ingredient used in a medicine so he needs a different kind of medicine and HOW CAN THAT BE MADE? With the help of mortar and pestle. If you look at the history of Pharmacy museums you can see a lot of mortars and pestles. Why? Because they were an important part of pharmacy. They helped make different medicines. From year 1963 to year 2009 there were more than 40 mortars and pestles used every year! These mortars and pestles were so precious that they were not sold but were given to pharmacists as a way to make them get used to mortar and pestle and to buy mortar and pestle. AND BELIEVE ME IT WORKED. The mortars and pestles become extremely popular among different pharmacists and everyone started to use them. The History of Pharmacy Museum is proud to have 42 of the 44 Schering mortars and pestles. So mortar and pestle as I mentioned earlier have a very strong connection with the pharmacy and to this day they are being used to make all sorts of medicines. As I said before they have been famous since a really long time and now you know why!

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