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Pestle and Mortar History

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You know how sometimes you go in the kitchen and you see your mother is using a paste of different spices. You always assume she probably got the paste from the market but your mother the super woman actually used PESTLE AND MORTAR to make the paste! What Is the Mortar and Pestle and how it’s used? Now before I start explaining the history of pestle and mortar it’s essential you know WHAT THEY REALLY ARE!! Mortar is a simple bowl and the pestle is any object. Pestle is used for both crushing and grinding different ingredients that are placed inside the mortar. Okay now how does that even work right? It’s very easy. You take any sort of ingredient that you want a paste of you put the ingredient in the mortar’s ground so basically in the bowl. Then you place the pestle on the ingredient which is already in the mortar. You put pressure onto the pestle and start beating the ingredient with the pestle in a circular manner. Keep doing this until the ingredient becomes into a paste. SEE HOW EASY? History of Mortar and Pestle This invention has been in the world since past 6000 years. IT’S THAT OLD! And imagine it’s still being used. It hasn’t changed since the time it was made which shows how amazing it is. It was used in the pre-historic period in the Mesoamerican cultures. Both the cultures Aztecs and Mayans have used it. You know how they say the more the object is old the more authentic it is. A lot of other people have used this since a lot of years. The Japanese have also being using Pestle and Mortar since a long time. They used huge mortars to prepare moki. Even in India it has been used to make all sorts of different spice mixtures and to this day it still is being used. This beautiful invention has also been used by the Romans and Egyptians. They used to make paste of different types of ingredients. The Apothecaries also used mortar and pestle in the 15th century. AMAZING RIGHT? The Thai mortar and pestle dates back to the Sukhothai period which was the 1st Kingdom that was founded in 1238 A.D. and was used to grind foods and medicines. Since ancient times Mortar and Pestle has been used for different purposes such as Painters used it to make their paints or paint mixtures by mixing two or three colours together. No wonder old art is so beautiful. It was also used to crush different spices and herbs for cooking and was also used for making medicines in the ancient times and earlier times when machines were not really invented. It was also used to make make-up for women. Egyptians also used Pestle and mortar to grind different stones into smaller pieces or to make a powder out of them. This invention has been made since a very long time and it is still being used for so many things! This is something worth having.

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