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The Granite mortar and pestle

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When you think of a kitchen the first thing that comes to your mind is ‘FOOOOOOD’ or ‘WHAT TO COOK TO EAT’ or ‘WHATS THE EASIET THING TO USE IN THE KITCHEN TO MAKE SOMETHING’. Now the third thing which is what can you use to make something quickly and something yummy to eat the answer to this is simple: USE THE GRANITE MORTAR AND PESTLE! Whether its kids or adults or your mommy Using the granite mortar and pestle is the best and the most efficient thing to use when it comes to mixing things together! It helps to mix in different ingredients. Yes it’s true when you think of a granite mortar and pestle you usually think of a bowl and a spoon BUT COME ON! YOU can crush ingredients together you can make a paste together you can mix in different smells together! Even if you go to someone’s kitchen or you see a cooking show you will see that every kitchen has a granite mortar and pestle. Why? Because it’s the best kitchen appliance ever to be made. What are the advantages of using Granite mortar and pestle? Now there are advantages if you have a granite mortar and pestle in your kitchen and you are actually using it. Some of the advantages are:  Granite mortar and pestle help you make AMAZING PASTE.  Whether it’s any type of food, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Asian you can blend in any ingredient and you will get the perfect paste with granite mortar and pestle.  You get to enjoy the smell of different ingredients being blend together.  Granite mortar and pestle help to release the ingredients oils and then helps them to mix together and it’s simply YUMMMMMM.  IT’S NON POROUS.  You can easily wash granite mortar and pestle.  It’s not expensive AT ALL.  It helps to release the potassium and that obviously makes your BODY BETTER. COME ON IT HELPS WITH YOUR HEALTH. What more could you ask for? Yes it’s true that nowadays everyone is mostly busy in their life and they don’t have time to cook so they rather pick up food from the market or simple get a spice mixture from the market and make food. But have you ever thought the joy of actually mixing in the spices yourself? To be able to see the colour change, the smell change and to see the paste in front of you? Doesn’t that sound more appealing? I don’t know about you but honestly it sounds very appealing to me. With granite mortar and pestle YOU CAN DO THAT. You can have all that! So I think when people say traditional things are the best then they really are the best. Granite motar and pestle have been in the world since forever now and it’s still being used. There is a reason why it’s still being used because it’s good because it actually works! SO JUST USE IT.

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