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The pesto mortar and pestle

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I love pestle and mortar! THERE I SAID IT! I love this invention. I cannot believe this invention has been made since a long time and it is still being used. THIS INVENTION MAKES ME LOVE MAKING FOOD. Why? Because it lets me feel the ingredients I am using. It lets me smell all sorts of smells that is when one ingredient is mixed with another. That smell is something you cannot compare it with anything else. No matter what you mix together the smell is always different the feeling is always different and at the end of it you get to eat something YOU MADE YOURSELF! Now that is awesome! How to make pesto with mortar and pestle? Yes it’s true you can make pesto easily with the new food processors available everywhere but you can also make it with mortar and pestle. Let me let you in on a secret! Making pesto with mortar and pestle is MORE fun and MORE delicious. NO jokes! When it comes to making your own pesto there is no hard and fast rule on how much of the ingredient you need to use because you can use as much as you want to. Since the basil leaves have different sizes you cannot limit the amount you can use as much as you want to as long as it tastes yum. When you are using mortar and pestle you get to smell every type of smell that is when the cheese is being mixed with oil or when the basils are being crushed together with the pestle. The smell is different. You can make the taste better because you can see the results constantly since you are crushing the ingredients using the pestle in your hand. Okay now let’s talk about the ingredients that you need to make the pesto. You need basil leaves FOR SURE! They should be around 20 to 25 not more than that. Then you need garlic it’s your choice if you want it to be chopped or not. You need pine nuts around 3/4 ounces. Then you need cheese and olive oil and salt just for your taste. What you basically need to do is that firstly you need to WASH THE BASIL LEAVES. Once you have washed them let them dry. After they have been dried add them into the mortar then add the pine nuts and the garlic. With the pestle blend them together until they become a paste. Once that paste has been made add the rest of the ingredients in the mortar that is the salt then the cheese. You need to keep mixing it with the pestle. The more you mix the better the paste will be. You need to make sure the colour of the paste is green so keep mixing until you get the perfect colour. Once you get the colour then add the oil in it and TADAAAA you are done and you get to enjoy your own pesto!!!

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