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The Thai granite mortar and pestle

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Mortar and pestle have been a part of this world since a very long time and they don’t plan to go out of the market for a very long time either! They are used for so many different things and have made our lives easier by making cooking easier and FUN! You can use mortar and pestle to grind different ingredients, to mix different spices, to make new smells, to enjoy your food while making it and the best part the feeling you get when you accomplish something ON YOUR OWN! With mortar and pestle YOU GET TO HAVE THAT FEELING. There are different types of mortar and pestle and one of them is THAI GRANITE MORTAR AND PESTLE! What is the history of Thai Granite Mortar and Pestle? As I said earlier that mortar and pestle have been in this world since a very long time. Similarly Thai granite mortar and pestle have also been in this world for a very long time. It is known as KROK HIN in the Thai language. HOW COOL IS THAT? it has been made since 1238 all the way back to when the FIRST Thai Kingdom was found. This was the only tool they used to make food for themselves. Usually the Thai meal had boiled food in it or salads and all of this was made with Thai granite mortar and pestle. Thai meals also consisted of garlic, ginger, lemons and lots of chillies and all these were crushed together with the help of Thai granite mortar and pestle. To this day THEY STILL USE IT! It does not mean that just because it’s called Thai granite mortar and pestles then you only use it to make Thai food. NO! It can be used to make ALL SORTS OF FOOD!! Now the best thing about Thai granite mortar and pestle is that it comes in different sizes so depending on your needs you can buy the one you like. The sizes include 6 inch, 8 inch and even 9 inch. The 9 one is very huge and around 6 to 7 cups can be added onto it. WOW! They are also in different colours such as different shades of green. Obviously when you go to buy the Thai granite mortar and pestle it will depend on how much you generally cook in a day and the type of foods you generally like to make. The bigger the size more meals can be made such as sauces can be made if it’s a big Thai granite mortar and pestles. What are the advantages of Thai Granite mortar and pestle? There are some advantages if you get the Thai Granite Mortar and pestle:  NOT EXPENSIVE AT ALL.  THEY ARE WELL BALANCED SO THEY CAN CARRY AS MANY INGREDIENTS AS YOU WANT.  PESTLE IS NOT HEAVY TO HOLD SO YOU CAN EASILY USE IT TO CRUSH OR GRIND INGREDIENTS.  THE MORTAR OF THAI GRANITE IS VERY GOOD AND WONT ABSORB FLAVOURS SO IF YOU WASH IT ONCE THE FLAVOURS OF THE INGREDIENT YOU HAVE USED WILL EASILY WASH AWAY AND WONT MIX WITH THE NEW INGREDIENT YOU USE.  VERY EASY TO CLEAN! Now go buy this! You know you want to.

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